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Artisan Series: "Paper Clay Pendants" (Pink) by Arielle Casale

Artisan Series: "Paper Clay Pendants" (Pink) by Arielle Casale

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The Details

Delicate and textural pendant lampshade made from paper clay.

  • Dimensions: 15-18” x 15-18” x 10"
  • Weight: ~5lbs

There are two "Paper Clay Pendants" designs. See the GOODs homepage for the other design.

The Good

All proceeds from the Artisan Series go to P.S. Arts, dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity for children and youth by providing arts education in systemically under-resourced public schools and communities.

The Process

A frequenter of flea markets and antique shops, Arielle started her process by hunting down forms that could be used as the base structure of the lampshades.

From there, the forms were cast using plaster and then covered in tinted paper clay. Please note these lamps should be considered more art form than furniture. Handle with care and use under supervision.

The Artist

Arielle is an art director by way of set design and styling. She seeks avenues to combine her interests in fashion, interior design, and industrial design.

Living, working, and renting in New York for 10 years, Arielle finds herself personalizing her rented spaces with an eclectic mix of vintage treasures, boutique decor, and handmade creations. Known for its ubiquitous and offensive flush mount lamps (aka the nipple lamp), the average Brooklyn apartment seldom offers acceptable lighting. Making lamps was born from a place of necessity.

Follow Arielle on Instagram: @ariellelcasale


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