Artisan Series: "Wound" (Teal) by Hogan Williams

Artisan Series: "Wound" (Teal) by Hogan Williams

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The Details

Timeless sculptural forms cast using cutting edge 3D printing techniques.

  • Dimensions: 6” x 4.5” x 5.5”
  • Weight: ~3lb 2.5oz

"Wound" comes in three colors: white, teal, and yellow. See the GOODs homepage for the other colors.

The Good

All proceeds from the Artisan Series go to P.S. Arts, dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity for children and youth by providing arts education in systemically under-resourced public schools and communities.

The Process

Hogan says:

The process for making these sculptures was at times straightforward and other times a bit scary.

When you’re working with chemicals that react and harden within a certain time frame it can be stressful. Once you start getting custom with additives, the reaction can speed up or create a lot of heat and moisture. Some of these sculptures seemed like failures, but after waiting three days and taking my time to post-process, they turned out better than the others!

This was also a very special project to me as it was the first time I had ever dedicated this much unbroken time toward completing a piece. I was able to allow myself to explore things much more naturally and wasn’t concerned with finding ‘solutions’—I could let my curiosity lead the way.

The Artist

Hogan Williams, an artist based in Tampa brings digital art to life using 3D printing, silicone molds, and casting materials. Hogan's work is characterized by flowing forms and contrasting shapes, reflecting his curiosity for exploring new possibilities in sculpture. Through his explorative use of 3D printing technology, Williams is able to push the boundaries of traditional techniques and create unique works.

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