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Keti Koti Scarf

Keti Koti Scarf

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On July the 1st, in the Netherlands, Suriname, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao Islands, is celebrated and commemorated the abolition of slavery, also known as Keti Koti. On this day, descendants of enslaved people celebrate the end of slavery, commemorate their ancestors, and celebrate black culture and history. Keti Koti, which is a phrase from Suriname meaning “Broken Chains,” is a celebration of Liberty, Equality and Solidarity.

Inspired by the tradition of the Keti Koti angisa, willing to shed light on the history of Black slavery and participate in the movements of awareness, but also celebrate Black History, we made this Keti Koti scarf.

An angisa is traditionally a headscarf from Suriname. Specifically, the Keti Koti angisa is a commemorative scarf that is created each year for the celebration of the abolition of slavery.

We decided to design the scarf with 4 panels and a centrepiece. Each panel tells a very small piece of history. Its colours are vibrant and bright to resonate with the Caribbean sun of the islands.  

This was beautifully and carefully manufactured with our partner VYF and their incredible process, printed on soft premium silk in Como, Italy.

Proceeds will go to the Black Archives.

Data on Keti Koti is kindly provided by UvA (University of Amsterdam, Diversity Office) 
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