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For the Time Being - Pack 7

For the Time Being - Pack 7

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For The Time Being


'Kelp Forests' - Will Pietsch

'Cheetah' - Manu Correa Soto

Great Plains
'Bullsnake' - Mathijs Luijten


Printed by Helio Press
297mm x 420mm
*risograph print - colour will vary with each print
*includes stickers and foldable info-print


For the Time Being is an honest tribute to the delicate balance of life within our diverse ecosystems. In celebrating the rich beauty of the natural world, we also remind ourselves of the stark reality that without conservation, these valuable natural assets will fade from existence.

This series features work from BUCK Sydney's artists. Each work interprets a single environmental element from 1 of 5 global ecosystems: the Amazon, the Arctic, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Plains, and the Savannah.

In purchasing artwork, 100% of the proceeds will go to the Australian Conservation Foundation. Donations help forge the path to clean energy, push to create laws to protect plants and wildlife and advocate for companies to incorporate sustainable practice.

It's easy to forget that humans are woven from the fabric of the natural world. Let's remember that our survival depends on our co-existence.

With love from Sydney, BUCK. 

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